“In your lives you must think and act like Christ Jesus.”
- Philippians 2:5


The Out Reach Mission statement is simple: GO DO WHAT JESUS DID.  The Sedge Garden UMC Out Reach TEAM offers monthly missions projects that include hats, gloves and underwear for our partner elementary school, Hall Woodward in January, the Blessed Dress Prom dresses in February and the Blessing of the Animals in May.

The TEAM serves the Green St UMC community table with meals and a Christmas brunch and a Christmas party for the Bethesda Homeless shelter. The newest mission project starts August 7 at the Beeson Park Sports Complex. The Sedge Garden Youth Praise band along with Marty Johnson will start a praise and worship service for the teams before play starts.

Sedge Garden is abundantly blessed and willing to share with the community and the world. The TEAM is always looking for new ways to serve, please share any ideas with us by contacting the church office.

New Mission Mascot Needs A Name

“Mission Molly” recently retired and we have a new mascot… a gorilla! Everyone has the chance to suggest a name for our new mascot. Please place suggestions in the box (in the hall, in front of Preacher Dave’s office).

Thanks for Making a Difference

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent “Impact” event. We had a wonderful opportunity to spend the day with a handful of ladies who deserved their special day. Thanks to all of the volunteers who participated.