Stitches of Love

Mission Statement: “Sharing God’s Love One Stitch At a Time”

Stitches of Love was started in 2006 as a prayer shawl ministry to provide prayer shawls to individuals in the congregation who were dealing with terminal illnesses. In addition, every child who is baptized at Sedge Garden United Methodist Church is given a baptismal shawl created by a member of Stitches of Love. Through contacts made in the community, the group began making other items for several local organizations. For Cancer Services, the group makes pink and white pillow cases to be used by breast cancer patients; and scarves and hats for use by oncology patients. For Hospice, the group makes pressure point pillows to help prevent bed sores; memorial stuffed bears distributed to families; bibs for adult patients; and fidget aprons used by Alzheimer patients. For local hospitals, the group makes preemie baby caps.

Each item distributed is hand made by a member of Stitches of Love.

The items are blessed during a worship service before they are distributed, and a prayer tag is attached to each item.

This devoted group meets on the first Monday of each month at 1pm in the Fellowship Hall to knit, crochet and sew. Anyone who has an interest is helping this group spread God’s love is invited to attend. It is not necessary to attend meetings to help the group. Supplies can be provided for projects done outside of the meetings.