Sunday School

Because of the size of our church, Sunday School classes play an important role.  They are smaller groups that gather to grow as disciples and friends in the Sunday School hour, and also meet regularly at other times.  These classes participate in church events, take trips together and just enjoy each other’s company.  Combined with our worship services, participating in smaller groups like these really help folks get connected to our church family.

Take a look to see which of these classes might be the right one for you–as all of these classes love to welcome visitors!  Adult and Youth classes meet each Sunday morning from 9:45 – 10:40 a.m., and the class names are displayed at their doors.  There is a fellowship time with coffee, juice and cookies in the Fellowship Hall following Sunday School.

Adult Sunday School Classes:

Loyal Wesley Class (1st floor, behind the Chapel)

Designed primarily for the older women, this class actively maintains contact with many of our home-bound members.  The format of this class is lecture and discussion using the International Lesson Adult Series.  This class participates with the Adult Fellowship monthly meeting and enjoys traveling on church trips.

Walker Class (1st floor, Educational Wing)

This class is primarily for singles and married couples which are post-retirement age.  It is a friendly and caring group who enjoy being together.  The format is a lecture and discussion format with time for questions and answers.  This class uses the International Lesson Adult Series with a rotation of teachers each week.  This group loves to travel and participates in the monthly Adult Fellowship meal.

Manuel Class (1st floor, between Fellowship Hall and Educ. Bldg.)

The Manuel Class consists of couples and singles between the age of 50 & 80 that are very supportive of both class and church-wide projects. The class sponsors an array of activities from trips, class meetings and fund raisers to support church projects. The curriculum is Adult Bible Studies (lecture/discussion) with a rotation of teachers each week. Also, other resources are occasionally used as teaching tools for class lessons.

Nooma Class (1st floor, behind the Chapel)

The Nooma Class is not age defined. Everyone is welcomed! We study an array of materials led by exceptional teachers that encourage casual and open discussions. Study materials include books of the Bible, traditional and current-day issues and the Cokesbury Curriculum. The Nooma Class actively supports the Food Bank, Soup Kitchen, public school back-pack program, Open Arms Ministry and other projects throughout the year. We like to socialize and participate in a number of class social activities throughout the year. Please join us!

Fellowship Class (2nd floor, behind Chapel)

This class consists of singles and couples in their 40′s to 50′s.  Many of them have children of all ages.  The class has an outreach program within our church and community.  They use a variety of curriculum along with various video series.  The format is open discussion.  This class supports a lot of activities for the church and community, as well as class get-togethers.
Fellowship Class Blog

A.S.K. Class (Ask,Seek, Knock) (1st floor)

This class consists of singles and couples of mixed ages.
This class studies an array of spiritual formation topics and current issues and life application as Christian in today’s world.  The class is very mission oriented and supportive of their class members and church.

Purpose Class (2nd floor, behind the Chapel)

This class consists of young married, early career couples, some with young children.  This class uses an array of contemporary study guides and video series which give Biblical guidance in life application for spiritual growth as young parents and couples facing issues in today’s society.
Purpose Class Blog

BASIC Class (Brothers And Sisters In Christ) (1st floor, Conference Room)

This class is available for the young adults at SGUMC (ages 18-30). Several of our students are currently attending colleges in the Triad. We utilize a variety of curriculum, focusing on contemporary bible study and video series, such as work by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee. We also support class fellowship, including dinners, concerts, and local mission work. The class is led by Jordan DuBois, and anyone interested in this class should contact him for information.